How an El Paso Chiropractor Can Help with Migraine Headaches

Woman in a yellow shirt touching her head due to migraine pain.

Have you been experiencing intense head pain or discomfort? The cause could be migraines. Migraines are one of the most common forms of headaches in the United States, affecting about 36 million Americans yearly. They can greatly affect your quality of life by putting a damper on everyday activities made difficult due to the pain and discomfort.

A visit to a qualified chiropractor can effectively relieve migraine headaches, and Southwest Chiropractic is El Paso’s premier provider of chiropractic migraine treatment. Our experienced chiropractors are committed to providing the highest quality care and helping our patients find lasting relief from their migraine pain.

If you are suffering from migraines, look no further. Contact Southwest Chiropractic online or call (915) 581-9619 for our west El Paso location and (915) 860-2233 for our east El Paso location to learn more about how we can help.

What Are Migraines?

A migraine is more than just a headache. Compared to other headaches, migraine is an incapacitating neurological condition with signature symptoms and therapeutic treatments available. There are different types of migraines. Some migraines result in severe pain, while others produce less intense symptoms. Many people describe migraine attacks as a throbbing feeling or pulsing sensation at the back of their heads.

It is important to recognize the signs of a migraine headache, as they can strike anytime and without warning. There are two types of migraines – those without an aura (people who experience headaches unaware) and those with an aura (they may notice certain smells, lights, or other signals).

Can a Chiropractor Help with Migraines?

A qualified chiropractor can help treat migraine and other forms of headache symptoms through the use of manual therapies. Chiropractic treatments are also beneficial in treating tension and cervicogenic headaches, which often exist yet differ from migraines. Tension headaches are usually found to exist one or two times every month, whereas migraines will not be present for more than five days at a time, yet it does not affect senses like taste, hearing, or sight in any way. On the contrary, cervicogenic headaches appear when an injury from physical trauma or unbalanced posture creates constant discomfort on both sides of the head.

A chiropractor may provide soft tissue therapy, spinal manipulation, and/or acupuncture for those who experience chronic migraines. These treatments include massage, taping, and manual resistance techniques to work out the tension in your muscles. Minimizing migraine occurrences is just as effective as taking preventative medicine.

Remember that lifestyle changes are also crucial because they can help reduce exposure to some of the factors known to exacerbate migraine symptoms. If you drink alcohol, for example, and it intensifies your migraines, a chiropractor might recommend cutting back or quitting altogether. Acupuncture is done with needles inserted at specific points related to headaches.

The goal of migraine treatment includes:

  • Reduce attacks
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Prevent future migraines
  • Avoid over-medicating
  • Reduce debilitating effects

Reach Out to a Chiropractor for Help with Migraine Headaches

If you suffer from migraines, chiropractic care might provide you with the relief you need. You no longer have to rely on drugs to relieve discomfort. Your symptoms can be reduced with effective chiropractic care. Our resident chiropractor, Dr. Fred Aguayo, DC, is experienced in treating migraines with chiropractic care. His primary goal is to treat the source of the problem rather than just the symptoms.

Please contact us immediately for additional information or to schedule an appointment today. We ensure that our migraine headache treatments will leave you feeling better than ever. Contact us online or call (915) 581-9619 for our west El Paso location and (915) 860-2233 for our east El Paso location today.

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