Neck Pain Treatment in El Paso

Neck pain can be extremely uncomfortable and disheartening. The pain is usually caused by long hours of sitting, repetitive movements, accidents, head trauma, aging, and everyday wear and tear. Surprisingly, the seven vertebrae of the neck support the full weight of the head. The neck has the ability to move the head in every direction with flexibility. However, it is this same flexible range of motion that makes the neck susceptible to pain. If you are in need of neck pain relief, our El Paso Chiropractor, Dr. Fred Aguayo, DC, will provide neck pain treatment to get to the root of the problem instead of just masking it with medications.

Chiropractic Care

The first thing Dr. Fred Aguayo, DC, will do is conduct an exam to find the source of the pain. He will ask multiple questions about medical history and symptoms. He will also take x-rays and any other necessary tests. Other things he will look at will include your range of motion, posture, and overall physical condition. From the results, he will be able to create the right treatment plan that is specific to your needs.

How Neck Pain Treatment Helps

A good treatment plan will more than likely include a neck adjustment. This is a manipulation to the vertebrae in the neck. According to the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, researchers found that patients with ongoing neck pain showed lower levels of pain following spinal manipulation. The results showed positive changes for up to 12 weeks after the neck pain treatment. With a gentle touch and experienced knowledge of the spine, Dr. Fred Aguayo, DC has helped many El Paso patients experience relief.

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You Don’t Have to Suffer Through Neck Pain

If you have been simply dealing with the pain or taking pain medication, you don’t need to endure any longer. Contact us today. The sooner you give us a call the sooner we can get you started on a neck pain treatment plan. Our chiropractor is concerned with your overall wellness, not just the symptoms. If the problem has become unbearable, we do offer same day appointments at our El Paso wellness center.

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