Sciatica Pain Treatment in El Paso

Sciatica pain can be especially painful and bothersome. It is an issue that starts with a problem with the sciatic nerve in the spine. The pain starts in the buttocks or lower back and radiates down one or both legs. This condition is caused by nerve compression. The good news is that our chiropractor can administer a successful sciatica pain treatment plan to help you feel the relief you need.

What Causes Sciatica

There are many different conditions that cause sciatica nerve pain. Misaligned vertebrae is one of the main causes. Other causes include herniated disks, bulging disks, pregnancy, diabetes, prolonged constipation, and many other conditions. Sciatica is not a condition itself, but rather a symptom of something else. Slip and fall injuries can also lead to a need for sciatica pain treatment.

Chiropractic Sciatica Pain Treatment

Unlike other types of medical care, chiropractic sciatica pain treatment does not include surgery or medication. We treat the actual condition and not just the symptom. The first step Dr. Fred Aguayo, DC will take is to find out the cause of the sciatica. If the problem is not spinal, he will more than likely refer you to a general practitioner. If the problem is due to bulging or herniated disks or misaligned vertebrae, he will administer a sciatica pain treatment plan to address those issues. This may include adjustments, rehabilitation, prescribed exercises, and massage. Sciatica pain treatment is all about taking care of the condition and not just the pain. This way the patient experiences true relief.

You Don’t Have to Live With Sciatica Pain

Because sciatica is such a painful and persistent symptom, many people resort to enduring the pain or turning to pain medications. The trouble is that these options don’t address the patient’s overall health. Other times, doctors may urge patients to undergo injections or surgeries that just aren’t necessary or require extensive recovery. We prefer the noninvasive holistic approach that chiropractic care offers.

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If you are living with sciatica pain in El Paso, there is more than likely a condition causing the problem. With our chiropractic care, you can experience relief and overall wellness. Contact us today. We even offer same day appointments.

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