Back Pain Treatment in El Paso

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Back pain can be extremely disheartening because it affects all aspects of your life. From work, any physical activity, and sleep, back pain seems to cause a constant problem. For this reason, we provide well-rounded back pain treatment. There are different causes and conditions for the pain. Dr. Fred Aguayo, DC, takes the time to find the root cause to fix the overall problem instead of just masking the pain. With ongoing treatment, you can watch your symptoms diminish. 

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Back Pain Treatment

There are a lot of myths about back pain. The truth is there are a lot of causes. Anyone at any age can end up with an injury or have a condition. Aging, poor physical fitness, performing exercises incorrectly, genetic conditions, diseases, and a sedentary or overactive job are all possible causes. However, with proper ongoing back pain treatment, you can experience relief.

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Symptoms of Back Pain

The trouble with back pain is that it tends to be persistent and constant. It can include stiffness, sharp localized pain, chronic aches, spasms, or shooting pain. The exact pain you experience depends on what the cause of the pain is. 

The first step Dr. Fred Aguayo, DC, will take is to conduct a comprehensive exam. This will include an interview, a look into your medical history, in-house X-rays, and possible lab tests. After getting a firm understanding of the cause of your pain, he will prescribe a back pain treatment plan that is specialized to your needs.

Common Causes of Back Pain

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If you have been merely living through the pain or relying on the effective but temporary help of painkillers, it’s time to get real back pain treatment. Dr. Fred Aguayo, DC, will take the time to address the problem causing the pain. With ongoing treatment, you can experience relief. Contact us today to make an appointment. If your pain has become unbearable, we do offer same-day appointments.

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