How To Diagnose And Treat Your Herniated Disc

A man standing with his spine superimposed over his clothing highlighting herniated disc pain.

Herniated discs are debilitating injuries that often cause people to endure an immense amount of pain. The back influences almost everybody’s mechanics and movement, so the whole body suffers when back injuries occur. People who experience herniated discs are often forced to miss out on work, hobbies, and any physical activity due to limited mobility without pain. 

Many people don’t know where to start finding herniated disc treatment in El Paso or even that they have a herniated disc! Dr. Fred Aguayo, DC at Southwest Chiropractic, offers herniated disc treatments that are catered to your specific injuries.

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What Is A Herniated Disc?

The spine has rubbery-type cushions called discs that sit between each vertebra to help absorb shock to the spinal bones. A herniated disc occurs when a crack forms in the disc, causing the soft-centered nucleus to come out. 

Since the spinal canal has limited space, protrusions by a herniated disc pushing onto the spinal nerves cause pain and irritation throughout the body. Herniated discs usually occur in the lower back or neck areas; however, the entire back is prone to injury.

Symptoms Of A Herniated Disc

There are a few symptoms that individuals can watch out for when spotting herniated discs. More often than not, the symptoms are glaringly evident because of the acute pain one may be enduring. However, it’s not entirely abnormal for individuals to have herniated discs and show no signs or symptoms.

  • Numbness- Since herniated discs irritate the nerves running along the spine, many individuals experience numbness or tingling in the affected area. 
  • Weakness- When discs herniate, the surrounding muscles will likely weaken, making everyday tasks difficult. The back plays a significant role in almost every movement, so a herniated disc can reduce overall strength and mobility. 
  • Pain- By far, the most common and noticeable symptom is a pain in the arms or legs along with the affected area. Herniated discs most commonly occur in the lower back, sending pain running down the buttocks, thigh, and calf muscles. The pain will most likely run down the shoulders and arms if there is a herniated disc in the neck. 

Diagnosing A Herniated Disc

Anyone who may be suffering from a herniated disc needs to be evaluated by a doctor rather than self-diagnosing. Doctors will run various tests to diagnose the problem and create the best recovery plan. 

  • Physical exam– The doctor will likely start with a physical exam to locate the affected area and check for other issues. 
  • X-Rays- An x-ray is going to show the medical professionals what the vertebrae and joints look like on the back. 
  • CT Scan– CT, or CAT scans, will show the shape and size of the spinal canal and its structures. 

Herniated Disc Treatment 

Fortunately, most herniated discs treatments involve non-surgical approaches. The best plan for a herniated disc treatment is one that is catered to your specific injury. 

Common Non-Surgical Treatments

  • Spinal adjustments
  • Rehabilitation
  • Prescribed exercises and stretches
  • Massage therapy 


Dr. Aguayo, DC at Southwest Chiropractic, is focused on fixing your herniated discs without needing to consider surgery. If symptoms continue after extended periods of non-surgical herniated disc treatments, your doctor may consider surgery.  

When To See A Chiropractor in El Paso

If symptoms of any severity start to appear, it is best to consult with a doctor. Back injuries can create many issues years into the future and make for a lifetime of discomfort. Getting ahead of problems before they have a chance to grow will have you thanking yourself repeatedly. 

If you suspect you have a herniated disc or are looking for premiere herniated disc treatment, contact Southwest Chiropractic. Dr. Fred Aguayo, DC, is committed to providing you with pain-free life that is easily fixed through specific herniated disc treatments. Give us a call today at (915) 581-9619 to schedule your appointment! 

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