Sports Injury Treatment

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Sports injuries can be major problems, especially for young athletes that are still growing. Injuries while playing or training are actually very common. With the impact, repetitive motions, and high contact, it is no wonder athletes Inflammation, joint function problems, sprains, injured ligaments, are just a few examples of problems that happen with sports injuries. The training itself puts a great deal of pressure on the body. Not only does chiropractic care help a great deal with recovery with sports injury treatment, it also conditions the body to function better and become far less prone to future injuries.

Chiropractic Sports Injury Treatment

Often times, sports injuries can cause added stress on the body as well as a misaligned spine or joints. This can affect the muscles and tendons and cause pain as well as discomfort. Athletes tend to perform poorly in this state. Chiropractic sports injury treatment can fix these problems. With chiropractic adjustments, the body will have less tension and more balance. This will improve joint function and can also cause decreased inflammation. The key to sports injury treatment is regular visits. With repeated treatment, patients experience better results.

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We Provide Overall Wellness

At Southwest Chiropractic, Dr. Fred Aguayo, DC doesn’t just help athletes recover from injuries, but seeks to provide overall balance and wellness. Through adjustments, rehabilitation, stress management, and massage therapy, he seeks to provide overall well-rounded recovery. Instead of relying on medications to mask the pain, he provides relief through specialized sports injury treatment. He takes the time to access each patient and provide a treatment plan that fits with the patient’s exact needs for recovery. Each patient is different and there is no blanket solution for any problem.

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If you are dealing with a sports injury that has left you performing less than your best, there is more you can do than applying ice and taking pain killers. At our El Paso wellness center, we seek to provide overall health and balance. We can help you get back to your full performance level with a consistent treatment plan. Contact us today to set up an appointment. We even offer same day appointments.

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